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Useful Apps to Learn English for Android and iPhones

Basic English for Beginners
English Speaking Practice

This is the Beginner version of the popular English Conversation Practice app. Improve your English by practicing and recording your conversations and then listen to how you sound.

Android: English Speaking Pracitce
iPhone/iPad: Speaking English Practice

Basic English for Beginners
Basic English for Beginners

Learn the basics of English in a step by step way using images for vocabulary, audio files for listening and speaking, and fun exercises and quizzes.

Android: Basic English for Beginners
iPhone/iPad: Basic English for Beginners

English Grammar Book
English Grammar Book

Learn the structure of English with this English Grammar Book in an App. Very simple and fun with quizzes and points with 138 grammar lessons. Amazingly FREE!

Android: English Grammar Book
iPhone/iPad: English Grammar - Book

Learn to Speak English
Learn to Speak English

The official FREE App for both Android and iPhone/iPad. It contains all the lessons and audio files from

Android: Learn to Speak English
iPhone/iPad: Learn to Speak English

Learn English for Kids
Learn English for Kids and Children

This app will teach your child the English language in a safe and fun way. There are thousands of images to help with vocabulary, audio files for listening, and recording feature for speaking practice.

Android: Learn English for Kids
iPhone/iPad: Learn English - Kids

English Conversation Player
English Listening Player

You can play conversations while your phone's screen is off just like a media player. You don't need to click on sentences or have your phone constantly on. Now immerse yourself in English with this app.

Android: English Listening Player
iPhone/iPad: English Listening Player

Learn to Speak English
Learn English Vocabulary

If you can freely use 2000 English words, you will be able to speak English fluently. This app focuses on the 2000 most frequently used words. It is an amazing app. Watch the English Vocabulary Video to learn more.

Android: Learn English Vocabulary
iPhone/iPad: Learn English Vocabulary

Learn to Speak English
English Conversation Practice

If you need more English conversation practice, this app will really help you. It gives you great conversation practice. It even records your entire conversation so you can listen to how you sound. Best of all, it is completely FREE!

Android: English Conversation Practice
iPhone/iPad: English Conversation Practice

Learn to Speak English
English Listening

The best FREE English listening app with hundreds of listening exercises and questions. 6 different types of listening lessons for both beginner and advanced English learners. Improve your English listening while having fun!

Android: English Listening
iPhone/iPad: English Listening