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Asking for Directions

When you are looking for something, it is sometimes easier to ask for directions.  When you do, you have to be able to listen to the directions given.  In this lesson, we will study listening a little more so you can effectively understand a person giving you directions.

Here are some key words you have to remember.  I suggest you drill these in your head because they are very commonly used when giving directions.  There are many direction terminologies.  I'll cover all the common phrases.  You should be able to effectively give directions and receive directions after this lesson.

Asking for Directions

Most of the time, you should start by saying excuse me.  The pronunciation for excuse me can be shortened.  The shortened form sounds like 'scuse me.'

"Excuse me.  Do you know where the post office is?"
"Excuse me.  Can you point me to the nearest gas station?"
"Excuse me.  Can you give me quick directions to the movie theatre?"
"Excuse me.  Do you know how to get to the Shopping mall from here?"
"Excuse me.  How do I get to the freeway from here?"

"Excuse me.  I'm looking for Bank of America.  I thought it was around here.  Do you know where it is?"
"Excuse me.  I'm looking for the post office.  Do you know how to get there?"

"Excuse me.  What is the best way to get to Seattle?"

When you ask for directions, the person responding will usually give you quick directions.  The next section is a list of common phrases used when giving directions.  You should study them carefully so when someone gives you directions, you can understand them without having to say 'one more time.'

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